How far are you willing to walk for your perfect Lake District proposal?

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Proposing in the lakes is by far the best location, in our opinion, but as we get clients from all over, with very different interests and hobbies who call on us to help them create their perfect proposal, we like to remind them of certain things when they are choosing their special location. Number one: how far are you willing to walk?

Are you the kind of couple who will happily pop your walking boots on in any weather and enjoy a sunny walk or rainy stroll? or do you like a new outfit and fab new shoes to wear on your mini break?

I recently had a client who had plans to bring his girlfriend to the lakes to propose, his plan was to walk up to a tarn and pop the question, (this particular tarn was quite a hike) he planned to buy new walking boots to surprise his girlfriend on the morning of the proposal and off they would go.

As with all our clients I like to have a phone call in the early stages of our planning, as I find out 100 times more information after this one quick session, than over countless emails. So, after chatting to, say Adam, yes we'll call him Adam, just in case his, now wife Hurrah! is reading this.

So, I was chatting to Adam and I deduced from our conversation that this girlfriend wasn't really a fan of uphill walks and would plan out her many, many new outfits for any mini break or holiday they went on, she was also a massive heeled shoe lover! So, to cut a long story short Adam and I did have a laugh about his crazy initial plan, and he decided that we should change a few details (all of them) to make his girlfriend feel fabulous and more importantly, comfortable.

This said our new plan went without a hitch and his new fiancee twirled in her new shoes and amazing dress and felt like a true princess, very fitting as this was her nickname! He proposed on the shore of a stunning lake, then after their engagement shoot they went off for a romantic boat ride, "much more princess" he agreed!

The most important thing to remember when proposing is that you are both relaxed and comfortable, as creating amazing happy memories is what we are all about.

Hayley x

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