The Perfect Lake District Date

We all love a great date and spending time alone with our special person, but with all the options now out there, arranging the perfect romantic date or time away together can be tricky to get right.

From fancy restaurants to expensive luxury hotel breaks the lake District has it all, but how about trying something that takes you back to a simpler time. A beautifully decorated and romantic space that’s just for you, sound good?

A Luxury Lakeside Picnic

'Picnic' was originally a 17th Century French word, picque-nique. Its meaning was very similar to today's meaning of a social gathering where each person brings a share of the feast. The French referred to this concept as a leisurely style of eating pick at your food or each pick a bit.

The term picnic didn’t actually appear in the English language until around 1800. Shortly after, Dorothy Wordsworth, sister to our very own Lake District legend, William Wordsworth, apparently told southern friends after picnicking with others on Grasmere Island that, ‘Windermere gentlemen have a picnic every day’.

It is thought that these gatherings were traditionally a method of courtship, how wonderful that they can still be used in this way today on the shores of our stunning Lakes, surrounded by such romantic and picturesque views.

So, take it back to the traditional times with a modern twist, celebrate your love in the Lakes and surprise your better half with a memory they won’t forget.

Romance and love cost nothing, truly, it’s you who makes the date special by simply spending time together as a couple. Add a few affordable extras which don’t cost the moon and there you have it! Traditional. Romantic. Simple.

Check out our Private Picnic Packages for more details HERE

Photo by Mindy Coe Photography

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