What amenities do you require when planning your proposal?

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Do you like the thought of a swanky bar close by for a celebratory drink and some food after your proposal? or are you at your happiest out in the hills walking together away from the world?

Like many of us outdoor lovers, sometimes a wild wee is inevitable, but is having toilet facilities a must for you and your partner when planning your proposal?

These are questions you really should ask yourself when planning as there is nothing worse for some people than having to roam the woodlands looking for a place to have an uncomfortable secret wee!

The Lake District isn't just about the lakes and stunning mountain views, the Lakes has so many beautiful areas to be discovered from secluded tarns and hidden forests to village festivals, water sports and craft fairs.

Planning your proposal around the elements which are important to you as a couple, truly makes all the difference to your magical experience.

Hayley x

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