What type of Lake District accommodation will suit your proposal stay?

From magical log cabins to luxury 4 Star hotels, the Lake District has every option possible when it comes to accommodation. Shepard huts, private lodges and glamping are just a few of your choices in this adventurous area, so whatever your preference you will most certainly find it here!


One of our favourite types of accommodation is a log cabin! Escape the stresses of everyday life and switch-off for a day or two while you spend time together for your proposal.

These beautiful cabins can be found all over the Lakes and many are tucked away in quiet woodland where you can really get back to nature. Log cabins makes for a night of warmth and comfort where you can snuggle up and light the fire. Choosing this type of accommodation can really give you the feeling of being off-the-grid, perfect for reconnecting with your partner and creating magical memories.


With all the equipment required for camping: the tent, torches, sleeping bags, towels ground sheets, portable BBQ, firelighters… the list goes on, for some this is just a tiring thought.

“I’m supposed to be on holiday, this feels like too much work!”

When you glamp, there’s no additional equipment needed, you simply turn up and really start enjoying the outdoors. A benefit of glamping is that from the minute you wake up you are immersed in nature and ready to explore your chosen location. No walking from hotels past all the tourist or hours of busy footpaths before you reach the quiet. You are already there.

Glamping is a luxury type of camping that includes the homely feel of warmth and comfort while giving you the outdoor experience. It allows you to enjoy the aspects of nature without the uncomfortable parts. If like me you want to roll out of bed and get a glass of water or pop to the toilet in the night without having to leave the comfort of your accommodation, then glamping is a perfect choice.

This style of accommodation is perfect for couples to spend some quality time alone together, taking in the beautiful surroundings and benefiting from all the fresh air. Most glamping pods come with their own private outdoor space such as a patio or decking. This is a great opportunity for you to light a BBQ or campfire and cook together in the great outdoors.

Another benefit of glamping is that it is a money saver, as even high end glamping is a fraction of the price of a 4 star hotel, giving you a bigger pot of spending money while on your holiday. Most glamping sites are run by small business owners and your support is helping these businesses continue to create wonderful Eco-friendly holidays for many happy couples and families for years to come.


Quaint country house hotels and luxury boutique B&Bs stand in some of the most beautiful spots in the Lake District. With crackling open fires, comfy beds, and locally sourced food, they are a perfect choice if a home from home is what you favour.

With style and comfort while remaining full of character, this type of accommodation usually houses period furniture and decor and gives you a real taste of Lake District Life.

Photo by Mindy Coe Photography

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