Behind the scenes - Planning your Lake District proposal

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Photos by: Mindy Coe Photography

The morning I received an email from a nervous Louise, I smiled to myself knowing that she had nothing to worry about as creating romantic settings for proposals in The Lake District is what we do best. After a good chat on the phone and many funny emails back and forth between us we had created the perfect Lake District proposal package and chosen a stunning location for Louise to propose to her girlfriend Laura.

The girls were traveling up from down south for a romantic break in the Lakes and after six hours of driving they arrived at their hotel ready for a good night’s sleep. The next morning as I packed the car and double checked all the details, I received a text from Louise saying how excited but nervous she was. After a few calming messages from me, Louise was ready to go. We are with you ALL the way.

Once we reached the location it was time to carry the set load down to the proposal point, which is not always an easy task with certain locations. After a fight with the canopy, Mindy and I sat down on our own picnic blanket awaiting the arrival of our lovely couple. The funny thing about the Lakes is that you can never predict what will happen, as nature always has its own agenda. Whether it be the arrival of unforeseen snow or wild hungry rabbits, it always brings a comedy aspect to any proposal.

So, back to us sitting waiting for the couple to arrive and all was perfectly in place, this was until four enormous swans began to approach the picnic area! So off Mindy went wearing her ‘Bear Grylls’ hat and after two attempts the swans decided to give up. Again, all was calm and in place until… and this is no joke, a herd of young cows were released from their field and headed down towards the lakeside for a drink. Initially this was not an issue as animals are all over the lakes going about their daily business, it was only when one curious cow started towards the picnic area, this was after the girls had already arrived! Obviously we had to do something.

Mindy just looked at me and said ‘it’s your turn, I was on swan duty” so I casually wondered over to try and herd the cow away from the picnic and back to her friends! As I confidently strutted over and thought “I’ve got this” I realised that being only 5ft this was more intimidating than I had initially thought but it was part of the job, so off I went clicking and shouting farmer-like noises in the hope the cow would move. Luckily after a few attempts she did trot off as the girls looked on laughing, no doubt thinking “who is that hero who has saved our picnic date!”, maybe not, but hey I was a hero in my mind!

Photos by: Mindy Coe Photography

Earlier during the planning process Louise had asked me to video the proposal on my phone, “no problem” I said so after the cow herding, I ninja rolled in to the leaves and waited while the damp ground slowly sunk into my trousers. However, like a pro I captured the moment perfectly. A lovely little gift for the girls to watch later. All that was left now was for Mindy to capture the special moment on camera.

I’m always in ore of how Mindy can appear at exactly the right moment to get the most perfect images, she is like a stealthy gazelle gliding through the trees, I on the other hand am more like a small badger in the grass trying my best to hide! Somehow though it works, as we know how the other moves and operates, a team built on trust, time, lots of coffee and laughter.

It is safe to say that the proposal went without a hitch, and this was very apparent to us once we received the feedback from our wonderful clients who send us such a glowing review.

It may seem to our clients that all is simple and ran with ease, and for this reaction we are happy as it shows we are doing our jobs to a high standard, however the amount of preparation that goes on behind the scenes isn’t always known but trust me if you truly want your event to go without a hitch, hire a pro to help.

Hayley x

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